Electricity and gas regulations are complex with ever changing rate structures. There are hundreds of different rates that utility companies can use. Often the standard rate used is not the most cost effective for your facility. Each facility has unique usage characteristics which determine its best rate.

Benefits of ECC’s Utility Rate Analysis Service

✓ Risk-free

You have no up-front costs and savings are realized immediately. If no savings are realized, there are no fees.

✓ Proven Results

ECC has been performing utility rate analysis since 2003 and has recovered millions in refunds and savings.

✓ Hassle-free

ECC’s Utility Rate Analysis service is convenient and easy for you and your staff—very little time is required. The necessary billing records are acquired straight from the utility – you do not need to copy many bills.

✓ Superior Results

ECC consistently lowers utility bills by finding the most optimal rates, even if your facility has had a previous rate analysis.

✓ Advanced Solutions

Other companies only look to reduce your largest energy bill. ECC looks to maximize your savings by reducing all of your energy bills.

Energy Cost Consultants (ECC) offers Utility Rate Analysis Services to eliminate your utility overcharges. ECC expertly reviews your utility bills and facility energy use to identify rate reduction opportunities.
There are no upfront fees for the Utility Rate Analysis Service. Only after rates are reduced or billing errors have been refunded, does ECC receive a percentage of the resulting savings. If no savings are realized, there are no fees.
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